Today marks one year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVD-19 virus a global pandemic. It’s sobering to realize something we thought would last a few weeks has a one-year anniversary.

When the pandemic began, RNDC instituted a Pandemic Preparedness Task Force who has been diligent about providing associates, customers, and suppliers information and resources for their safety and well-being. From weekly tips to education microsites on our websites, we have focused on your safety. In addition, we implemented dozens of safety measures, recommended by the state government, CDC, and OSHA, to ensure a safe workplace experience for everyone. As an essential business, our actions ensured we could operate with minimal disruption and provide continued and meaningful employment to thousands of our associates.

I want to thank all our associates for their dedication and hard work through the past year. You showed up every day to ensure our customers had what they need to satisfy their consumers, even as their businesses flexed based on state requirements. Collectively, our commitment to our core value of accountability ensured we were resilient and successful in overcoming the many challenges the pandemic created.

This has not been an easy year, but we must remain positive and focused. There are many progressive actions happening to eliminate the virus and to reopen our communities, schools, businesses, and lifestyle. My continuing commitment to you is that RNDC will remain focused on your safety and well-being as we begin our return to our normal way of life.

Thank you for what you do for your RNDC Family every day!

Tom Cole
President & CEO