COVID-19 has put a strain on our mental health, especially if you read the news about increasing cases across the country. It’s important to take steps to maintain hope and positivity, according to Alliant Employee Benefits.

Maintaining a sense of hope may be hard for some, but staying positive is within our reach. Research from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley shows there is a tipping point for positivity to have an impact. The ratio is at least three positive emotions for every negative one. When you take note of this ratio in your day-to-day life, it can make you resilient during hard times. What can you do to improve the odds in your favor?

  • When having a rough day, write down three positive things that happened and see if it helps turn your day around.

  • Watch for the good in evening news or social media feeds.

  • Share positive news with your team, such as how you navigated a difficult situation given the crisis, an encouraging outcome, or similar news.

  • Be on the lookout for what is going right.

Let’s focus on finding the positive this week.