Holidays are usually a time to enjoy traditions. This year it will be different. Traditions may have to be changed and hosting a gathering will look different.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the holiday break during COVID-19:

1. Look for activities that you have never done before. 
Get creative and search for activities that you and your family have never done before. For example, visit a country – from the comfort of your home. Pick a country and spend a day learning about it. Dress in the country’s traditional clothing, learn to cook (or order) food from that country and learn about the culture.   

2. Tune into virtual ceremonies. 
If you’re used to attending public celebrations, check to see if your favorite will be held virtually. Make an event out of it with your family.   

3. Take the holiday break as time to relax. 
Take the time to relax and spend time with your friends and family.  

4. Practice gratitude. 
A lot has happened this year, but we can reflect on things that we are thankful for. Focusing on what you don’t have, or the loss of a holiday routine, can put you in a negative emotional state. Pay attention to the positive.