As of today, there were 315,000 newly reported cases of COVID-19 across the US, with many of them attributed to 39 states where we do business and reside. The CDC is sounding the alarm that we are trending back to a rate that will make it difficult for our healthcare system to keep up with hospitalizations.

I know we are all tired of this health menace. This pandemic is the first of its kind in our lifetime. We’ve communicated protocols to keep you and our communities safe as it continues to linger. CDC guidance is simple: Social distance at least six feet or more, wear masks, stay home when we don’t feel well, and wash your hands!

RNDC is doing our part as an essential business and socially responsible employer:

  • We instituted temperature screenings at our offices and distribution centers.
  • We are requiring masks in warehouses and any offices where it’s mandated by law. Where it’s not required by state law, we are strongly encouraging them. As inconvenient as masks are, they make a difference in preventing the spread of the virus and provide a sense of security for others.
  • We increased deep cleaning and sanitation standards.
  • We placed hand sanitizer in convenient locations.
  • We instituted a protocol of no guests in the building, no business meetings in the building and avoiding common area crowding along with office space isolation.
  • And, we are following all federal and state laws related to reopening the business in terms of occupancy, safety, and timing.

I am encouraging all of us to stay vigilant as more state governors open up local businesses, schools, and communities. This public health emergency is not over, and it is not waning. So, continue to practice our safety protocols for your own well-being and for the well-being of others that you interact with each day.

Remember, even in our buildings six feet apart is required. Don’t fall into a false sense of security. We risk everyone’s safety when we break the protocols.

Let’s stay safe,