The CDC recently clarified that COVID-19 transmission through surfaces is not as common as feared. Cleaning or disinfecting frequently-touched objects can curb the spread of contaminated droplets.

Some of the most important surfaces to clean include:

  1. Electronics
    We spend a lot of time on our electronics. Disinfect your phone, computer keyboard, mouse and any other electronics used daily. 
  2. Doorknobs
    If other people are touching the same doorknob, clean and disinfect it.
  3. High touch surfaces in your car
    If you share a car with other people, disinfect surfaces you or your passengers touch. This would include door handles, steering wheel, seat belts or radio controls. 
  4. Your hands
    Continue to wash your hands to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

The best way to reduce your exposure to COVID-19 is to continue following all CDC guidelines.