As many businesses ease back into their regular routine, some local businesses still feel the effect of the pandemic.

Here are a few ways to help support local businesses:

  1. Buy gift cards.
    If you are still cautious of being in a brick and mortar store, buy a gift card to use later.
  2. Shop online from local shops.
    Shopping online is a great way to support local businesses from the comfort of your home.
  3. Order takeout or delivery.
    If you’re still hesitant to enjoy a dinner at your favorite restaurant, order take out and “dine-in” at home. Plus, you don’t have to cook!
  4. If you find a cool promotion, share it with your friends and family.
    To boost sales, many businesses are offering discounts and promotions. If you come across one, tell others about it.
  5. Spread the news.
    Free advertising is one of the best ways to help a local business. Follow, like, share or comment on social media.

These simple steps can go a long way to help a local small business.