Stress, anxiety and a global pandemic can lead to unintentional weight gain. AKA the QUARANTINE 15.

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into our daily routines and habits and may have resulted in the unexpected “quarantine 15”. Working toward a healthy weight not only lowers your risk for serious health problems but will also make you feel better, look better and have more energy.

Here are some tips to work toward or maintain a healthy weight

  1. Plan meals ahead of time.
    Decide what you will eat each day and when. This will help you get on a daily routine and take away the stress of having to decide what to eat when you’re hungry.
  2. Control your portions.
    Use a smaller plate to help you control how much you’re eating.
  3. Shop carefully.
    When shopping for groceries, opt for healthier alternatives that you can add to your meals. 
  4. Stay active.
    If you aren’t ready to go back to the gym, try some at-home workouts. YouTube is a great place to search for different exercises to try. If that is not your thing, take a walk and get some fresh air. The CDC and American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of activity a week.
  5. Decide how to manage your stress.
    Stress can be a factor in unintentional weight gain. Learning how to manage stress in a way that is best for you will help you maintain a healthy weight.