Curbside pickup has been the new normal for those who have been “dining out” due to COVID-19 restrictions. But as communities are reopening, questions have surfaced about how safe it is to eat at restaurants.

So how safe is it to dine out?

Dining out is a personal choice but you should consider the risks involved. If you plan on eating out at your favorite restaurant, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Plan ahead.
    If you plan to dine with someone you don’t live with, make sure it’s someone who has been as careful during the pandemic.
  2. Check the restaurant’s safety measures.
    Call ahead to ask what their safety guidelines are to keep customers safe.
  3. Sit outside.
    If there is a patio, ask to be seated outside.
  4. Don’t linger.
    Eat and leave! This will help minimize your exposure to the virus.

Check out the CDC for helpful tips when you’re participating in personal and social activities.