Tried any new recipes lately? More and more people are cooking at home and grocery shopping remains a necessity. While there is no way to ensure zero risk of infection, it is important to understand potential risks and how to adopt different types of prevention measures to protect yourself and reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

When you are grocery shopping, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use online pick-up or home delivery.
    While most home deliveries may cost extra, many grocery stores offer free pick up.
  2. Go shopping at a time that is less busy.
    This will limit your exposure to others and the virus.
  3. Disinfect your cart.
    Most grocery stores will disinfect the carts but carry your own wipes just in case.
  4. Consider only buying one to two weeks of groceries at a time.
    Buying more than you need can create unnecessary demand and shortages.
  5. Continue to follow food safety practices to help prevent foodborne illness.
    Rinse your fruits and veggies before cooking and be sure your meat reaches recommended temperatures.

Continue to follow CDC-recommended guidelines each time you leave the house for essential errands. Stay safe!