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Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) and Young’s Market Company are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation and its impact on our associates, community, suppliers, and customers. As part of our commitment to community well-being, we want you to be aware of what we are doing to protect our workforce and to minimize business disruption.

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RNDC Cares

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RNDC and Young’s Market Company doing to support associates during the pandemic?
RNDC and Young’s enacted a Hero Bonus Program for trade-facing associates who are supporting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Associates who are part of the supply chain for Essential Businesses include drivers, warehouse associates, merchandisers, and sales professionals.

This bonus recognizes their extraordinary dedication to customer service and expresses our gratitude and appreciation for going above and beyond in their jobs during these unprecedented times.

How is RNDC and Young’s keeping their associates informed about vital information they need to know?
Early in March, RNDC and Young’s created internal hubs with important news and tips, FAQs, and resources that can help their associates through this difficult time. Among the information shared:

  • How to set up a virtual visit with a doctor.
  • Tips for helping children during the pandemic.
  • Information on how to help the elderly through this difficult time.
  • Tips for staying well.
  • Important information about maintaining mental health with links to our Employee Assistance Programs.
How is RNDC and Young’s supporting the industry at this time?
RNDC and Young’s matched Pernod Ricard’s $500,000 donation to the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) Charity Foundation for a total donation of $1million. For more information about how to help, or how to request help, go to USBG Foundation.

Our local markets are doing what they can to help too:

RNDC Louisiana made a $15,000 donation to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Service Hospitality Family Assistance Program, which supports Louisiana service and hospitality workers who have been impacted by the Coronavirus. For more information about the Foundation, click here.

RNDC Kentucky, in partnership with Tito’s, Brown-Forman, Sazerac, and William Grant & Sons, made a $20,000 donation to APRON Inc. This organization based in Louisville, Kentucky, strives to help food and beverage industry workers in the metro area who are experiencing hardship. For more information about APRON, Inc., click here.

What will RNDC or Young’s do if there is a case of COVID-19?
RNDC and Young’s have very specific protocols in place in the event an associate is diagnosed with COVID-19. Those protocols follow CDC recommendations and were communicated to all facilities far in advance of any confirmed cases. Our No. 1 goal is to protect our associates and their families.
How are RNDC and Young’s supporting business partners during this time?

RNDC and Young’s are creating innovative solutions to support suppliers and customers during the pandemic. Click here to see industry insights and tools you can use.

For more information, please visit CDC or WHO